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Assess Less. Measure More. Insights you can trust in less testing time.

The Iowa Assessments™ from Riverside Insights are evidence-based, psychometrically sound assessments that measure student achievement and growth against next generation learning standards for grades K–12. And thanks to an efficient test design and powerful reporting, the Iowa Assessments allow you to assess less but measure more.

The Iowa Assessments Forms E, F, and G are equivalent and built to the same blueprint and content specifications. They yield comparable interpretations and produce the same detailed reports at skill and item levels, providing ideal support for pre- and post-testing models.

2017 norms provide the most up-to-date national comparisons of student performance.

The Iowa Assessments enable administrators and educators to:

  • Monitor growth using a continuous, researched-based, vertical scale to accurately measure academic progress from kindergarten through high school
  • Indicate College and Career Readiness through high-quality, easily accessible, and interpretable assessment data that helps educators and families determine whether students are on track for college and careers
  • Evaluate student mastery of next generation skills and rigorous learning standards for Grades K-12
  • Measure achievement for English learners using Logramos®, the companion Spanish-language assessment

All while offering:

  • The option to administer Complete, Core, or Survey batteries
  • Items that align to one of three cognitive levels, providing an additional view of mastery
  • Skill and core domain alignment and reporting
  • A reporting suite that includes Lexile® and Quantile® measures
  • Ancillaries that include printed materials and online videos and training materials

Plus, the Iowa Assessments now feature the option to administer stand-alone, single-subject tests, giving schools and districts new flexibility in tracking growth and proficiency throughout the school year. Contact your local Assessment Consultant or our Customer Service team to see if this option is right for you.

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Dr. Catherine Welch


Dr. Welch is the coordinator of the Iowa Testing Programs (ITP) and has worked closely with Dr. Stephen Dunbar as a primary author of the Iowa Assessments since 2007. She also is a professor of Educational Measurements and Statistics at the University of Iowa. In addition to teaching courses, Dr. Welch conducts a variety of research related to assessment, including predicting college/career readiness. Before joining ITP, Dr. Welch led assessment development and scoring activities at ACT.

Dr. Stephen Dunbar


Dr. Dunbar is the lead author of the Iowa Assessments, the director of the Iowa Testing Programs, and the Hieronymus-Feldt Professor of Educational Measurement at the University of Iowa. He is a past board director of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) and also has served on the editorial board for Applied Measurement in Education and on the Committee on the Evaluation of National and State Assessments for the National Academy of Sciences. In addition, Dr. Dunbar has been a member of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) content advisory panel and several state technical advisory committees. In addition to his excellence in teaching, his papers on topics of educational measurement have drawn high praise.

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Scoring & Reporting

To gain the rich insights into student achievement that *Iowa Assessments*™ offers, you can choose from a variety of reports that serve the needs of different stakeholders, from families to teachers to administrators, in either paper or digital format. Riverside Insights will work with you to build a unique reporting package that best suits your learners’ needs.

Paper Reports


Individual Performance Profile

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List of Student Scores

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Group Narrative Summary

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Web-Based Reports


Online Reporting

Online reporting is available through DataManager™.

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Scoring For information on scoring options, pricing, and ordering, please visit our Scoring Services page:

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Order Forms

Order Forms for The Iowa Assessments are available here.

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