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In case you missed out! Take advantage of every session and webinar handouts.

Note: CEU credits do not apply to watching recorded sessions

Digital Assessments Session 1

From Paper to Digital: Considerations for Test Design, Development, and Use

Digital Assessments Session 2

Demonstration and Overview of the WJ IV Digital Brief Cognitive Ability Assessment

Evaluation Effectiveness Session 1

Before, During, & After: Tips for Efficient and Effective Assessments with the WJ IV ACH​

Evaluation Effectiveness Session 2

Assessment Solutions: Greater Data, Greater Impact

Limitless Learning Session 1

Beyond Eligibility: Evaluating and Monitoring Student Progress with the BDI-3

Limitless Learning Session 2

The Early Childhood Examiner’s Skill Check

Equity in Clinical Practice Session 1

A Student-centered Approach to Social Emotional Learning

Equity in Clinical Practice Session 2

Fair and Equitable Assessment: Strategies For Working With English Learners

Digital Assessments Discussion

Interactive Session

Student-Centered SEL Discussion

Interactive Session

Psych 2 Psych Best Practices Discussion

Interactive Session

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