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The Battelle® Developmental
Inventory, Third Edition (BDI-3)

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Restriction Level: Low Testing Time: 5 to 10 minutes per subtest

As children age, they typically attain critical skills and behaviors sequentially, from simple to complex. Assessment of developmental strengths and needs during this time is critical for early development centers, private clinicians, schools, and others seeking to determine the need for educational resources or interventions and build plans accordingly.

The Battelle® Developmental Inventory, Third Edition(BDI-3) measures mastery of developmental milestones in the following global domains:

  • Communication
  • Social-emotional
  • Adaptive
  • Motor
  • Cognitive

In addition to the domains above, BDI-3™ has added the all-new Battelle® Early Academic Survey (BEAS), with two domains specifically designed to measure foundational literacy and mathematics skills in children ages 3 years 6 months to 7 years 11 months. 

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BDI-3™ is the only assessment that measures global domains from birth to 7 years, 11 months. Providing examiners with a complete assessment, a screening assessment, and an early academic survey, it is by far the most holistic assessment on the market for early childhood assessment.

BDI-3™ is used across the country -- and exclusively in 16 states -- to:

  • Assess developmental milestones for school readiness
  • Help determine eligibility for special education services
  • Assist in the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
Features in the Third Edition
The NEW BDI-3 Dashboard: Your Home Base for All Things BDI-3

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Other new features include:

  • Revised social-emotional domain aligned to Casel standards

  • New Battelle Early Academic Survey with literacy and mathematics subdomains

  • Fewer manipulatives and presentation cards needed for administration compared to BDI-2 NU

  • New norms and new items included

  • Redesigned domain books to increase ease of use for examiners

  • Administration via new BDI-3 Mobile Data Solution app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices

  • Scoring and reporting now available on the new web-based Riverside Score™ system, featuring multiple modular report options all included with your scoring subscription

  • Continues to meet federal reporting requirements across Part C, Part B/619, and Head Start Programs.

Standardization and Norming Process

To create the standardization of the BDI-3, 2,500 children completed the adaptive, cognitive, communication, motor, and social-emotional domains from 20 age groups with 125 children in each group.

  • 284 examiners in 44 participating states

  • Special group studies were performed with regard to:

    • Autism
    • Cognitive delay
    • Motor delay
    • Premature birth
    • Speech and language delay
    • Developmental delay
  • 1,000 children completed the Battelle Early Academic Survey assessment in nine age groups

  • 1,000 children completed the Spanish Developmental Battery assessment in 20 age groups.

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Child-friendly items, tester-friendly administration.

BDI-3™ items are child-friendly and easy to administer, with clear and efficient item-scoring criteria. Based on the multifaceted information from structured, observational, and interview items, BDI-3™ can be used by an individual or team of professionals to create a comprehensive picture of a child's skills.

Examiners can choose to administer just one domain, all domains, or any combination as needed, and can begin with any domain of the examiner's choice. "Scripting" helps ensure administration consistency, and it also allows the examiner flexibility to query where necessary to ensure sufficient information is gathered.

Click an image below to explore sample items for that domain!

Social-Emotional Domain

Social-Emotional DomainSubdomains:
  • Adult interaction
  • Peer interaction
  • Self-concept & social role


BDI-3 Communication DomainSubdomains:
  • Reception
  • Expressive
  • Articulation


BDI-3 Motor DomainSubdomains:
  • Gross
  • Fine
  • Perceptual


BDI-3 Cognitive DomainSubdomains:
  • Attention and memory
  • Perception and concept
  • Reasoning and
    academic skills


BDI-3 Adaptive DomainSubdomains:
  • Self-care
  • Personal Responsibility

NEW: The BDI-3TM Developmental Screening Test

The BDI-3 Developmental Screening Test allows you to quickly screen and evaluate early childhood developmental milestones to help identify children at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. 

Requiring no more than 30 minutes for a full administration, the BDI-3™ Screening Test consists of a subset of test items from each BDI-3™ Developmental Complete domain, and incorporates the same versatile administration formats of the full assessment.

  • Quickly screen for school readiness
  • Rapid evaluation to help clear your testing backlog
  • Easily determine a cut-score to identify candidates for further testing

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BDI3 Screening

NEW: The Battelle Early Academic Survey (BEASTM)


A New Way to Assess Early Academic Skills

The Battelle® Early Academic Survey (BEAS) is a new academic solution for assessing literacy and mathematics skills in children ages 3 years 6 months to 7 years 11 months. The BEAS contains items targeting early foundational skills in Literacy and Mathematics.

What truly sets the BEAS™ apart? There's no need to wait until age 5 as required by most other early childhood academic assessments.

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The BDI-3TM Mobile Data Solution (MDS)


Tired of carrying test materials around?

We hear you. That's why we designed the new BDI-3 Mobile Data Solution (BDI-3™ MDS) to set you free. Available on compatible iOS, Android, and Windows devices, MDS offers:

  • Online and offline scoring and reporting
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Child information records accessibility

The best part? BDI-3 MDS access is included free with your BDI-3 subscription.

Check out the overview below:

Using the MDS BDI-3

Online and Offline Scoring and Reporting

BDI-3™ offers access to robust reporting when you're online and basic scoring even without an internet connection.


Touch Screen Functionality

Child Information Records Accessibility



BDI-3TM Scoring and Reporting

BDI-3™ scoring can be completed through the web-based Riverside Score™ system - a secure, web-based environment where examiners can easily enter raw scores, assessment data, and test session observations.

Available BDI-3™ Reports:

  • Demographic information
  • Examinee information
  • Language/background information
  • Domains administered
  • Test session observation
  • Table of scores
  • Domain descriptors
  • Score descriptors
  • Tables/graphs
  • Item level

BDI-3 iPad

Sample Reports


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Battelle Early
Academic Survey

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View Sample Report

Learn more about all the great advantages of Riverside Score!

Using Riverside Score BDI-3


Flexible Training Options

The all-new Riverside Clinical Academy offers a scalable, modular approach to training, including:

  • Unlimited access to recorded training materials
  • Live sessions scheduled throughout the week
  • Weekly catch-up sessions for new staff or returning staff in new roles

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