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All assessment materials and services published and provided by Riverside Assessments, LLC dba Riverside Insights (Riverside Insights) are subject to Riverside Insights’ Terms of Use. This document provides customers with additional general information on certain topics and is meant to help clarify or supplement aspects of the Terms of Use or terms contained in any purchase order or quote. Nothing in this document supersedes or diminishes the customer’s obligations under the Terms of Use and any applicable purchase order and/or quote.


Test Security

Test security is crucial to obtain valid and reliable test results. It is the direct responsibility of the purchaser as well as all individuals who administer the tests and/or use the results to follow test security practices. Test instruments and items are to be used solely for testing purposes and may not be disclosed or used for any other purpose.

By accepting delivery of or using Riverside Insights tests, the recipient acknowledges the professional and legal responsibility for maintaining test security that complies with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies, as well as professional standards in the educational and clinical fields. Among other legal requirements, federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction and use of copyrighted test materials.

Test security involves procedures for shipping, receiving, storing, disseminating, and controlling test materials. Materials should be released only to qualified persons designated as participants in the local testing program. School administrators should establish a specific test-security policy that denotes the proper handling and use of test materials. Administrators also should provide in-service training to ensure that all examiners clearly understand the importance and requirements of maintaining test security and, further, that they are qualified to administer the tests.

The following points constitute Riverside Insights security requirements and recommendations. Should Riverside Insights personnel learn or have a reasonable basis to believe that test security has been compromised in any manner, Riverside Insights reserves the right to take appropriate remedial action.

          • Test materials shall not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any fashion unless permission has been obtained in writing from the publisher. Reproduction of test materials without proper permission represents a violation of copyright law.

          • Test instruments shall not be released, in whole or in part, to assessment preparation or tutoring companies, newspapers, radio stations, or other online or print media sources for any reason.

          • Test instruments shall not be released to any persons who are not directly associated with the purchasing agency’s testing program. This restriction includes parents, assessment preparation or tutoring service providers, personnel from other schools or districts, libraries, and resale/salvage businesses.

          • Practice tests may be used as an orientation to various tests. Actual test instruments shall not be used, in original or copied form, to provide test-taking practice or to enhance test-taking skills and results.

          • Test items, actual or similar, shall not be placed on the chalkboard for demonstration to teach students how to mark responses or for any other reason.

          • Test items, actual or similar, shall not be used for discussion, review, or for any other similar purpose.

          • During test administration, provisions shall be established that maintain test security between testing sessions and/or overnight.

          • Between test administrations, all test materials shall be stored in a secure, locked area that is accessible only to authorized personnel.

          • Directions must not be paraphrased when administering tests; this practice may invalidate results.

          • Directions must be followed exactly as prescribed, and administration times for timed tests must be strictly observed to avoid invalidating results.

          • Some state or local laws or regulations require that a student, parent, or guardian shall be allowed to review a test and/or the examinee’s responses to the test. In general, the most appropriate response to such requests is for the purchaser to facilitate review of the test results, as opposed to the test items. In such cases, exposing actual test items is seldom appropriate or necessary. When honoring a request for test review, the review should be done in the school with certified personnel present at all times.

Some tests published or distributed by Riverside Insights must be administered by a trained, certified examiner. Access to and use of these tests is restricted to qualified institutions and examiners, as defined below. Some products we offer, including many books and intervention or instructional materials, are not restricted.


Qualifications for Ordering Tests

Riverside Insights requires all first-time test purchasers to furnish evidence of their qualifications to use tests by either completing a Test Purchaser Qualification Form or by creating an account at riversideinsights.com (see Account Creation Video). Riverside Insights reserves the right to require evidence of qualification on any or all subsequent purchases. Riverside Insights reserves the right to accept, reject, or withdraw whole or partial orders for materials when the recommended standards are not met. Riverside Insights may also reject orders that conflict with local school district or state department of education policies that restrict the distribution of test materials.

          • Educational Institutions
            Accredited schools and colleges must submit orders on an official purchase order form or the school’s official stationery. The order must be signed by a school administrator. Initial orders from private schools must be submitted with the Test Purchaser Qualification Form or by creating an account at riversideinsights.com (see Account Creation Video).

          • Teachers
            Teachers must submit orders online by creating an account at riversideinsights.com login (see Account Creation Video) or on a purchase order, if required by the school. The purchase order must be countersigned by the school principal or by another authorized administrator.

          • Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and Private Practices
            Accredited hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities must submit orders on an official purchase order form or the institution’s official stationery. The order must be signed by an administrator. Initial orders from private practice groups must be submitted with the Test Purchaser Qualification Form or by creating an account at riversideinsights.com login (see Account Creation Video).

          • Individuals, Non-Educational Institutions, and Home Schools
            Individuals in private practice and business and government agency staff members who have not previously ordered Riverside Insights test materials must complete the Test Purchaser Qualification Form or create an account at riversideinsights.com login (see Account Creation Video). Additional verification of qualifications may be required. Home schools must arrange for testing with a school or agency approved by Riverside Insights. Individuals or organizations providing assessment preparation or tutoring services are not eligible to license, access, distribute, or otherwise use Riverside Insights’ assessment materials.

          • University Students
            Graduate and undergraduate students and researchers may order test materials for research purposes. Their orders must be countersigned by the professor heading the research study or by another qualified administrator who is willing to accept responsibility for guaranteeing security and proper use of materials and services. Students, professors, and researchers are prohibited from disclosing or reproducing Riverside Insights’ assessment materials in any online or print formats, including journal publications, blogs, and online video platforms, such as YouTube, and Vimeo. A Test Purchaser Qualification Form may be required.

University Training Programs

Riverside Insights supports and encourages the use of its assessments in college and university courses for training professionals. Faculty who teach these courses know the need for test security and the ethical and professional standards for valid use of these tests. College or university faculty using tests published by Riverside Insights may quality for a discount on complete/basic test kits or packages of record forms. This discount does not apply to tests that Riverside Insights distributes but does not publish, training materials, central scoring, or university libraries ordering tests for uses other than training students in a specific course. To qualify for this discount, all eligible participants must register for the University Training Discount through our website (https://info.riversideinsights.com/required-course-information) and place qualifying orders through our online e-commerce marketplace. All orders are subject to a shipping service fee. See ‘Shipping Service Fee’ table below.


Prohibition Against Sale and Distribution of Tests

Riverside Insights products may not be resold or distributed without prior written permission from the publisher.


Copyright Restrictions

All Riverside Insights publications1 and many related specialized forms and services are copyrighted. By ordering Riverside Insights’ assessment materials and services, the purchaser and/or user acknowledges and agrees that the contents of the company’s tests, including proprietary and confidential material, property, procedures therein, and information owned by Riverside Insights and/or its authors, constitute trade secrets or similar types of business or competitive information.

The tests and ancillary test materials, including answer documents, score reports, software, and norms tables, are copyrighted. As such, they may not be reproduced, replicated, or transmitted, for any purpose, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, or be stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior written permission by an officer of Riverside Insights.

To produce scoring service reports, Riverside Insights uses copyrighted tables. The provision of the data from these tables does not give or imply permission to replicate norms data listed on the reports or to derive or extract data from the norms or other copyrighted tables. Such replication without prior written permission from an authorized officer of Riverside Insights is a violation of copyright laws.


Permissions and Licensing

Riverside Insights requires a license of all users of norms tables, including users in nonprofit institutions. Test norms are an integral part of the test. Copying test norms without authorization is a violation of copyright. Information about licensing procedures for use of norms tables and similar copyrighted tables may be obtained by completing a Permissions and Licensing Request Form.

Requests for permission to reproduce, translate, or modify all or any part of Riverside Insights’ copyrighted materials, including out-of-print titles, should be forwarded to Permissions prior to the time any work will begin. The requests should include information about the nature and purpose of the research study, thesis, report, or publication for which the reproduction is needed. The exact description of what is to be reproduced, how the reproduction is to be made, and information about the distribution and/or sales of the publication in which the reproduction will appear must be provided. Answer documents, answer cards, answer sheets, answer folders, and answer booklets are an integral part of the tests and are protected by copyright laws. All users, including school personnel, who wish to reproduce, modify, or adapt answer documents in any manner, including overprinting of generalized documents, are required to obtain licenses. Procedures for royalty payment, based on number of answer sheets reproduced, are included in the licensing arrangement. For additional information email: legal@riversideinsights.com.


Software Licenses

Select products entail licenses for software products. The terms and conditions governing such licenses are set forth in Riverside Insights’ Terms of Use.


Large-Print and Braille Editions

Large-print and Braille editions of several Riverside Insights tests are available. For information about other tests available in large-print and Braille, contact the American Printing House for the Blind, P.O. Box 6085, Louisville, KY 40206, 502-895-2405. For information about other large-print editions only, contact Library Reproduction Services, 14214 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061-1034, 800-255-5002. For further information about special editions, visit our 'How Can We Help' support page.


How to Order Test Materials

Orders for physical test materials should be placed at least six weeks before the testing dates. This allows adequate time for shipping, checking materials upon receipt, and providing in-service prior to testing. Please allow at least 21 calendar days from the date of your order for receipt of materials.

Materials are usually shipped by UPS®. All orders within the continental U.S. will be shipped standard ground delivery. Next Day and/or Second Day Air shipping are available upon request, except for orders placed online. Test results will be shipped standard ground delivery. A shipping service fee is prepaid and added to the invoice and cannot be billed to a third-party carrier’s account.


Shipping Service Fee

Standard Ground

10% of order subtotal, $20.00 minimum

Second Day Air

15% of order subtotal, $25.00 minimum

Next Day Air

17% of order subtotal, $35.00 minimum


25% of order subtotal, $27.50 minimum


Rush orders with short timelines will be shipped by the most efficient means needed to meet the date requested and must be authorized by, and will be charged to, the purchaser. Check all shipments for accuracy as soon as they are received. All claims relating to any shipment and/or applicable invoice and/or merchandise must be made in writing within 45 days of the date of invoice. When reporting discrepancies, include name of purchaser, shipping address, billing address if different, purchase order number and date and a description of the order. Also provide the invoice number and date if available.


Canadian Orders

The Canadian distributor for Riverside Insights assessment products is Nelson Assessment. For a Canadian catalog and price list, or to place an order, contact:

Nelson Assessment
1120 Birchmount Rd
Toronto, ON M1K 5G4
Website: nelson.com/assessment
Assessment Coordinator: 800-914-7776 ext. 8200
Manager Assessment Resources and Services: Janet Murphy 416-752-9100 ext. 4268
Email: Nelson.Clinical@nelson.com 


International Orders

Customers outside of the U.S. and Canada (including those in the Virgin Islands, Pacific Islands, and APO/FPO facilities) should send orders via:

Email: internationalorders@riversideinsights.com 
Or mail to:
Riverside Insights Customer Service
One Pierce Place, Suite 900W
Itasca, IL 60143

Email inquiries to: international@riversideinsights.com 

All payments must be made in U.S. funds, payable to Riverside Insights. All international orders should include a shipping charge of 25% of the total price ($27.50 minimum) of all materials purchased. Please indicate preferred method of shipment. Please also be aware there may be additional customs charges. You will want to check with your country’s customs department prior to ordering to obtain standard customs fees that you will incur. Customs fees are not part of Riverside Insights’ billing to you.


U.S. Orders

U.S. orders for select products can be placed online at www.riversideinsights.com.

Purchase Orders should be made to Riverside Insights and can be submitted via our Purchase Order Submission Portal.

Or mail to:
Riverside Insights Customer Service
One Pierce Place, Suite 900W
Itasca, IL 60143



Riverside Insights offers a range of payment methods including ACH or credit card. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Riverside Insights. Payments for all U.S. billings should be sent to:

Riverside Insights
PO Box 7410058
Chicago, IL 60674-5058

Terms are net 30 days. Cash discounts are not available. Inquiries about payments and account balances should be emailed to: AR@riversideinsights.com or call Riverside Insights Credit Department at 800-323-9540.


Shipping Completed Answer Documents

When planning your testing program, be sure to schedule enough time between test administration and post-test use of the results for the Riverside Insights Scoring Service to process your answer documents and ship your scored results. Once your entire shipment arrives, it may take up to 15 business days to process during the busy fall and spring testing periods. If answer documents are not in processable condition when they arrive, results may be delayed beyond this time frame. Test results will be shipped to you via standard ground delivery. Answer documents for Iowa Assessments Forms E, F and G; Cognitive Abilities Test Forms 7 and 8; Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test; Logramos and Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests are to be sent to:

Riverside Insights Scoring Service
9200 Earhart Lane SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-9078

If you are part of a special program and you receive instructions and labels that direct you to another address, please follow those instructions rather than using the above information. Should you have any questions, our Customer Service team will be able to advise you of the correct address.

Note: If any of the previous information is missing or information is not received within a reasonable period of time, Riverside Insights reserves the right to resolve the situation using standard operating guidelines.


Purchase Orders

If your institution requires the use of a purchase order, be certain that the purchase order number is written on your Order for Scoring Services (OSS) order form. A purchase order is not a substitute for an OSS. Submit the purchase order via our Purchase Order Submission Portal or email it to orders@riversideinsights.com.


Confidentiality of Reports

The distribution of reports to the appropriate people and the maintenance of report confidentiality are the responsibility of the scoring service purchaser and user. The facilities used by the Riverside Insights Scoring Service meet stringent security regulations. The Riverside Insights Scoring Service will not send reports to anyone inside or outside the school district without written authorization from the person to whom original results were sent or whoever signed the Order Form for Scoring Service (OSS).


Late Service Requests

Requests for additional service(s) after reports have been processed will be honored for up to 12 months from the date of original scoring. To obtain additional services after you have already received your reports, visit our 'How Can We Help' support page.


Data Changes

Upon request, Riverside Insights will provide data-change services to process student/staff/location data and reports (paper or web). Estimates for data change requests will be provided. Riverside Insights’ rate for data-change services is $100 per hour, and estimates must be approved by the customers before Riverside Insights will process the work request. Total cost will vary according to the type of request and the amount of time necessary to perform the work.


Return Policy

Prior authorization is required for all returns. The return period is 60 days from invoice date and only unopened items/packages can be returned. Please contact Customer Service for returns authorization via email at inquiry@riversideinsights.com or via chat at www.riversideinsights.com. Once the return is received with the appropriate documentation at our warehouse, the credit (less shipping service fee) will be applied to the customer’s Riverside Insights account on the original invoice. Application of the credit can take approximately 4–6 weeks from the date the return is received.

[1] Copyrights for Riverside Insights products are owned by Riverside Assessments, LLC.