Copy of Taking Your Interpretations to a New Level Using Task Demands Analysis with the WJIV (6)

Tuesday, March 22 | 11am PT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET


Join Dr. Tammy Stephens and Dr. Edward Schultz in an engaging webinar dedicated to showing you how to take your score interpretations to the next level and understand patterns relevant to the identification of specific learning disabilities (SLD).

Key Takeaways:

  • The WJIV batteries of tests continue to measure the construct of “intellectual development” with the greatest depth and breadth. When psychologists and educational diagnosticians evaluate students with specific learning disabilities (SLD), the WJIV provides a range of scores (e.g., standard scores, RPI, CALP, etc.) that aid in the identification process and inform interventions.
  • In addition to this type of analysis, due to its tests design, the WJIV lends itself to go beyond the scores and analyze on the task level. This type of analysis will allow for additional insight into the inputs, outputs, linguistic and cognitive processing and will provide instructional information to address the “listen, think, and speak” aspects of SLD and assist in determining whether the pattern is “relevant in the identification of SLD.” 

We will be offering NASP and APA Approved CE credits for this webinar broadcast.

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