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Equity & Clinical Practices

August 11th 11:30-1:30 CST

A Student-Centered Approach to Social Emotional Learning 

9:30 PST / 11:30 CST / 12:30 EST

Dr. Byron McClure

Across the nation, district and school leaders are shifting towards practices that are equitable, fair, and create favorable outcomes for students who have historically been marginalized. Many schools and district leaders, educators, practitioners, and other key stakeholders still have questions about how to thoughtfully design systems that are equitable while implementing social emotional learning programming. Additionally, many leaders and educators are wondering what SEL tools and strategies promote equitable outcomes and how to utilize them. This session will help participants to understand how to use a strength-based approach to SEL designed to create the necessary conditions to ensure every student has the chance to succeed.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe key elements of a strength-based approach when implementing SEL. 
  • Explain barriers that might prevent educators from effectively implementing SEL. 
  • Analyze how disproportionality shows up in school. 
  • Describe essential elements of a student-centered approach to SEL. 

Fair and Equitable Assessment: Strategies For Working With English Learners

10:30 PST / 12:30 CST / 1:30 EST

speaker 1
Dr. Pedro Olvera

Evaluation practitioners have a responsibility to ensure that their assessments are non-discriminatory. In this session, we will discuss the factors that evaluators need to consider when planning and conducting fair and equitable evaluations for English learners.





Learning Objectives:

  • Identify assessment practices that are biased and discriminatory towards English learners.  
  • Describe assessment practices that are fair and equitable for working with English learners.  
  • Identify strategies to engage in fair and equitable practices in clinical practice. 

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